Soda for a sophisticated palate

WCBN-3-BuckSnor1t2-by Sally Colby

There’s soda making in the family blood, but BuckSnort Root Beer is a first generation business. Kainoa Lopez, a native of Hawaii who now lives in Boise, ID says that his great-grandfather started a company called Waialua Soda Works on the north shore of Oahu.

“In the late 1800s, my grandfather made sodas with sugar cane from the fields and fruits that grow in Hawaii,” said Lopez. “He bottled and sold sodas to the workers at the sugar cane plantation field at lunch time. He passed that business down to my grandfather, but the family eventually sold the business.” [Read more…]

Steam whiskey: the ticket at Dry Fork Distillery

WCBN-17-Steam-Whiske2y-2aby Karl H. Kazaks

MEADOWS OF DAN, VA – Inside a former ice plant on the outskirts of town, Tommy Willis and Vince Puccio are bringing to life an old Virginia Blue Ridge tradition: making moonshine.

Specifically, they’re making steam whiskey, so-called because, instead of cooking the mash directly, they heat it with steam.

By using steam as an indirect heating source, the partners in Dry Fork Distillery believe they produce a product that is smoother and more flavorful than moonshine made from direct heating methods. There is also much less chance of burning or overheating the mash (which itself is a quality control technique). [Read more…]

Old Sugar Distillery

WCBN-49-2-Old-Sugar-Dist1illeryby Jane Primerano

On the end of Main Street that leaves the bustling capital district of Madison, WI and enters the old industrial part of town is the Old Sugar Distillery.

In many ways, the rambling, ancient factory buildings are perfect for the artisan spirits business. Old Sugar has a 2,000 square-foot warehouse full of barrels, as well as the rustic-looking tasting room with a bar made from reclaimed wood dating from the 1800s, and extra seating. [Read more…]

ADI 2016

WCBN-PP-ADI-GD-CHIL1LERSThe 13th Annual Craft Spirits Conference & Expo was held at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego, CA April 4-7. Attendees enjoyed the educational seminars, tradeshow, auction, tasting and the Gala where this year’s winners were announced. With 147 exhibitors and over 1,500 attendees, this was certainly a successful event. [Read more…]

Roots of great cider

WCBN-MR-57-3-Roots-of-grea1t2by Tamara Scully

It isn’t easy to make great hard cider. But it is a genuine, passionate pursuit, one akin to making outstanding wines. That is, according to Colin Davis, one half of the Good Food Awards-winning Shacksbury cider team. Davis and his business partner, David Dolginow, founded Shacksbury, which is based in Vermont. They have received quite a bit of attention for their old-fashioned, locally rooted, internationally-inspired and nationally distributed hard ciders. [Read more…]