A sloe revolution, grain-to-glass

WCBN-MR-62-4-Spirit-Works-MarshallsSpirit Works Distillery produces genuine sloe gin using variation of generation’s old family recipe

by Samantha Graves

After getting married, Timo and Ashby Marshall longed to settle in Sonoma County, California, not to start a distillery, but to grow botanicals in support of local distilleries. That vision shifted as Timo and Ashby researched their options. [Read more…]

Farm brewery attracts visitors for science and fun

WCBN-MR-50-3-Mad-Science-9185by Sally Colby

Although Brian Roberts spends his week working with high-tech science projects, he’s more than happy to talk about a different kind of science on weekends as he pours pints and growlers for customers who come to his Mad Science Brewing Company. [Read more…]

Are you really ready to start a vineyard?

WCBN-MR-39-1-Are-you-really-ready1by Steve Wagner

Questions like the one asked in the title force the would-be vintner to take stock, to self-assess and examine motivations; in short, to come to grips with an occupation or hobby that will require un-decanted chunks of time, and which will either cost you money or provide a profit. Maybe that is why vineyard consultant Joyce Rigby inserted the word ‘really’ into her topic title. Do you really want to undertake a project like this? Or are you simply flirting with a notion? Rigby’s life has centered mostly on viticulture but, being degreed as an industrial engineer as well, she also designs wineries. [Read more…]

Traditional vs. modern: it’s not either/or

WCBN-CL-MR-1-MILLENNIAL-MYSTERIESDid you know that our world today is actually more futuristic than old sci-fi movies even predicted? If you doubt me, watch the original Star Trek series, where their ‘communicators’ are a profound but simple technology enabling them to – gasp – talk with someone not in the room. Then look at your own cell phone – especially those of you with smart phones – and think about everything that piece of equipment does beyond just help you call someone. Today’s mobile phones are far superior to Star Trek’s ‘communicators’ and the trend in technological improvement just continues. [Read more…]

Dog Days strategies

Almanacs declare late summer as the “Dog Days,” complete with high humidity, blazing heat, and the need to retreat to cooler locations from sunrise to sunset. For many business owners and managers, it is also the time to take stock of the first half of the year and plan strategies for the remaining months. This type of review and planning may be easier to do when divided into three sections, simply enough: past, present and future. [Read more…]