Tractor Soda delivers organic soda in unique flavors

WCBN-MR-2-Tractor-soda1300by Sally Colby

Tractor Soda Company, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, has unlikely roots in the organic beef business. But the company history makes sense when founder Travis Potter explains the backstory.

“We started in the organic beef business, then later got into organic sausages and other value-added meat items,” said Potter. “Then we got into dairy.”

A friend of Potter’s mentioned to him that a celebrity wanted to open an organic burger chain, and asked if Potter could discuss with them whether the idea was feasible. [Read more…]

Resilient like its namesake, Olde Hickory Brewery continues to grow

WCBN-32-3-Olde-Hickory2by Karl H. Kazaks

HICKORY, NC — Steven Lyerly is a veteran of the craft beer industry, having begun his career as a brewer in 1994 as a partner in a brewpub with a 7-barrel system constructed from converted dairy equipment.

He lived through the industry bust of the late 1990’s, as well as the downturn of 2008-2009, and has grown Olde Hickory into a brewery widely respected in the region and among craft beer connoisseurs. [Read more…]

Market your brand

by Tamara Scully

Craft beverage makers pride themselves on not being “cookie-cutter,” and standing out in the crowd for certain, specific attributes. Spreading this unique message requires a focus on developing a brand image, and marketing it.

For those who equate their brand with small-batch quality, hands-on oversight and adherence to a certain set of values, all of which make their methods and final products anything but mass-produced, marketing is going to require even more attention as the big brand infringement progresses. [Read more…]

Millennial Mysteries: When your employee doesn’t work

Recently, I met someone who works in management for a mid-sized corporation in Minnesota. Her company has hired several Millennials to work in their on-call help desk service. But the company discovered that whenever the supervisor wasn’t in the room, the majority of their young staff would shirk their work and instead jump on Facebook or text their friends. The phone lines would light up, but if no boss was around, the kids ignored the calls. [Read more…]

Signature silos beckon guests to Alfalfa Farm Winery

WCBN-MR-48-3-Alfalfa-Farm570by Sally Colby

Alfalfa Farm is much like other farms in the Topsfield, MA area. The once-thriving dairy and crop farm had been reduced in acreage, but owner Richard Adelman was determined to keep it as an agricultural enterprise. And although the profile of the farm has changed, the signature silos that have been a familiar landmark for many years are still present.

The Adelman family purchased the property in the early 1970s when the dairy farm went out of business. [Read more…]