logoEverything is ready for the greatest exhibition in the wine business.
More than two weeks time before the launching of the exhibition, the number of professional visitors has increased by more than 50% compared to last year.
The World Bulk Wine Exhibition will be held on the coming 25th and 26th of November at Amsterdam’s RAI

The great International Meeting for the Commercialization of Wine will open the doors of its 5th edition on the coming 25th of November. A date that will give way to two days of energetic business activity and during those days the orientation of the present harvest will be in large part decided.
The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is an event dedicated to the professionals of the sector: producers and importers coming from all over the world in order to carry out, over a period of only two days, some of the biggest transactions of the year. This is the strength and the pride of an exhibition whose challenge is to preserve its reputation through three essential features: consolidation, internationalization and sustainable growth.
According to Otilia Romero de Condés, the event’s director, the specificity of the exhibition can be summarized as follows: “we are the exhibition OF THE BUSINESS, where the largest quantity of wine worldwide is mobilized. The event is a privileged and unique opportunity for purchasers all over the world to have access to an offer of approximately 30 million hectoliters and to discover firsthand the wide range of wines that this harvest has produced on the five continents over a period of only two days in a strictly professional environment”.
A reality which is very well-known by both the wineries and international purchasers that increase every year. Mr. Cheng Mingmao, from Xiamen Import & Export Co., explained it like this: “during the last season our company imported 30 bulk wine containers, a figure that we hope will reach 50 or 60 this year. For us, attending the WBWE represents an honor and the perfect opportunity to compare prices, qualities and to achieve the best business for our company over a period of only two days”.
Regarding the producers, With 47 attending wineries, France will once again be one of the countries with the highest representation at the exhibition, with the participation of large producers such as Valorbieu/Uccoar, Producta, Men in Bulk and the Cooperative Languedoc Roussillon, which groups 16 wineries from that region.
With 22 participating wineries, Italy will also be one of the countries with extensive representation at the event. Some of those Italian wineries are among the largest producer companies in Europe, for example: Gruppo collis, Ce.vi.co, Cantina di soave, Caviro, Cantine dell’ancellotta, or Consorzio vini d’abruzzo.
Other regions that will have an important representation are Spain, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Australia or South Africa. At the same time, wineries from Liechtenstein, United States and Uruguay will be present again. As a key novelty, we would like to highlight that producers from Canada, United Kingdom, Montenegro, Moldavia and Bulgaria will present their wines for the first time this year.
The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is reserved to professionals who commercialize large volumes of wine. This meeting focuses on commerce, but does not forget relevant aspects such as debate and discussion.  Pertinent topics are discussed via the Conference Panel, which this year is called: “Which wines do consumers prefer? A journey across the favorite varieties and wines of consumer countries”.
Another novelty of this edition will be the creation of a cooking show area, where the Galician chef Francisco Piñeiro will let his imagination run wild and will propose dishes inspired by the wine regions of the participating countries. Here are some examples of the creations that the attending professionals will be able to taste:
-White Pickled Baby Vegetables and Eel (Typical Smoked Eel from the Netherlands)
-Fresh Sprouts, Gouda, Red Tuna and Wine Aspic Salad
-Charcoal-grilled Octopus with Sweet Garlic Sauce Powder
– Glazed Oxtail Press (typical dish from Spain)
– “La Chilena” Ceviche (Chile)
-Fried Mini-Pizzas from Naples stuffed with Seaweed (Italy)
-Truffle Foie Bites with bean sprouts and sweet wine reduction (France)
-Kangaroo with Pistachios and Quince Sauce (New Zealand)
The World Bulk Wine Exhibition offers an exclusive place to show and discover the best bulk wines worldwide, just after the end of the grape harvest.
During the past edition, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition brought together 130 producer companies from 11 different countries and, during only two days, they had the possibility of presenting their products to more than a thousand buyers and 4000 visitors who came from more than 40 different countries. In short: an acquisition capacity of nearly 20 million hectoliters.
The 5th edition of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition will be held on the coming 25th and 26th of November at the Amsterdam RAI.