Building relationships takes more than beer – it takes you

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by Courtney Llewellyn

During his first visit to the Finger Lakes region, Andrew Coplon of Secret Hopper and Craft Beer Professionals had several things stand out in his memory: splendiferous sunsets, savory sandwiches and memorable wine labels. Those notable things are still with him, and he wants to help those with tasting rooms create similar lifelong memories for their customers. (more…)

The people want to know

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The demand for sustainable products and the value of third-party certification is growing

by Courtney Llewellyn

“The conversation has to start with acknowledgment that consumer interest in this has only gotten more intense in the 20 years since ‘Fast Food Nation,’” said Matthew Buck, director of Food Alliance, an organization that certifies agricultural operations, food processors and distributors to promote sustainability in agriculture and the food industry. He presented on the demand for sustainable products and their certification during this year’s CiderCon. (more…)

Michigan grape growers, gain knowledge

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The Erinium mite trial, which took place at two vineyard sites on Old Mission Peninsula in 2020, had both sites treated at bud swell. Photo courtesy of Isaacs Lab/MSU

by Courtney Llewellyn

Grapes can be finicky. As a crop, they require somewhat specific conditions to grow to the best of their ability, and even then, all of their growers’ efforts can be sidelined (more…)

All things (just keep getting better) in precision management

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by Courtney Llewellyn

Do you want to save inputs while seeing better yields? Variable rate fertilization – among other practices for precision management – may be the answer. They’ve seen proof of this in vineyards and they discussed it at the 2021 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium.

Mesa Vineyard Management in California is both organic and biodynamic, according to Bob Thomas, vineyard manager at Castoro. They analyzed soil samples and found they needed additional compost on their weaker soils. (more…)

Growing local grains for local brews

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by Courtney Llewellyn

At the recent MI Ag Ideas to Grow With virtual experience, one sprouting idea was about growing barley and rye for the brewing and distilling industries. Craft breweries and distilleries are still popular for those involved in the local foods movement – Michigan is ranked fifth nationally for the number of breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs in-state – and they need locally-sourced supplies to meet demand. (more…)

Craft Brewers Conference wraps in Denver

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Wynne ODell, Odell Brewing Company, presented the F.X. Matt Defense of the Industry Award to Danielle D’Alessandro of the Illinois Craft Beverage Guild.

Home to the annual Great American Beer Festival®, Denver welcomed the craft brewing community to the Mile High City from April 8 – 11 for the 36th annual Craft Brewers Conference® & BrewExpo America® (CBC). (more…)

Composing a new art form at Putney Mountain Winery

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Kate and Charles Dodge of Putney Mountain Winery and Spirits in the tasting room with Vermont Cassis and their other award winning lineup.
Photos by Laura Rodley

by Laura Rodley

Ginger and maple liqueurs and a red wine made entirely from blueberries? You can find unique delights, as well as rhubarb, raspberry, apple, black currant and pear wine, at Putney Mountain Winery and Spirits in Putney, VT, owned by Charles and Kate Dodge. (more…)

ADA accessibility extends to your website

2019-05-24T13:34:54-05:00Wine and Craft Beverage News Articles|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

The doorways at your tasting room are wide enough. You have ramps at entrances and designated parking spaces and restroom stalls. You think you’re completely accessible. But you could find yourself sued for lack of accessibility if your website isn’t compatible with software that reads text for those who are visually impaired. (more…)

New life for a cotton mill

2019-05-24T13:32:53-05:00Wine and Craft Beverage News Articles|

Josh Parvin, tasting room and distribution manager for Koi Pond Brewing Company in North Carolina, provides excellent customer service from the time guests walk in the door.
Photo by Sally Colby

by Sally Colby

Standing out in the crowded craft beer world isn’t becoming easier, but a brewery incubator in a formerly dilapidated area is helping budding brewmasters while creating an entire community around the concept of rebuilding and inviting tourism. (more…)

Delight Valley Farms finds purpose with value-added

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Scott Byler is the owner of Delight Valley Farms and Saginaw Vineyards, which he runs with his family. The farm is located in Saginaw, right off the I-5 exit.
Photo by Aliya Hall

by Aliya Hall

SAGINAW, OR – In the age of corporate farming, Scott Byler said Delight Valley Farms is one example of how a small family farm can still be profitable. The farm has a total of 36.5 acres, and from U-pick berries and raising lambs to establishing a winery, Byler has his hands in almost everything. (more…)

New, old, and everything in between

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Experimentation is the name of the game for Red Hare Brewing. The brewery is less than a decade old and it continues to try new varieties and collaborations, reaching out across the country.
Photo courtesy of Red Hare Brewing

by Enrico Villamaino

Red Hare Brewing has come to possess something of a paradoxical position. On the one hand, it is a relatively new brewery; on the other, it is seen as a granddaddy amongst craft breweries in Georgia, one of the Peach State’s craft brewing’s founding fathers. (more…)

The Wine Mouths speak about social media

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Jessica Adams and Jessica Byrd recently stopped by Kefi Estate Winery in Monroe, NC – and took some well-composed photos for their blog and Instagram account along the way.
Photo courtesy of Wine Mouths

by Courtney Llewellyn

Back in 2010, two good friends with a passion for good wine decided to embark on a mission – to visit every winery in North Carolina. “It was not an original idea,” laughed Jessica Adams, one of the two Jessicas involved in the project. But from that idea grew something a little bigger and a little more influential. (more…)

Differentiating mildew in hop yards

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Hops growers are re-emerging throughout the country, helping to regenerate small craft beverage production, focusing on local ingredients, short supply chains and regionally-adapted varieties. Properly identifying both powdery and downy mildew, learning how to treat them, and most importantly taking preventative measures, is key to the success of local and regional hop supply chains in many of these historic growing regions. (more…)

The Expectation Checklist – Are you in on the plan?

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Whether your business is seasonally-driven or you are evaluating a new quarter of operation, developing and utilizing an expectation checklist is key to a successful venture. This type of checklist spells out what you plan to achieve throughout the year, how the plan will unfold, who is responsible for each part of the plan and how, eventually, you will evaluate its success. The checklist evolves through four sectors: MECE – Mission, Expectation, Crisis and Evaluation. (more…)

WineAmerica presents governmental updates at Eastern Winery Expo

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by Courtney Llewellyn

SYRACUSE, NY – The National Association of American Wineries, better known as WineAmerica, deals with a lot of issues on a much larger scale than any one winemaker – or even one viticultural area as a bloc. They work with lawmakers to help make the changes that benefit those who focused on creating quality American wines. Michael Kaiser, vice president of WineAmerica, recently presented an overview of the group’s various projects at the Eastern Winery Exposition. (more…)

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