WCBN-14-4-Celebrity-grape816a7by Sally Colby
Most people who visit a winery don’t get to see some of the most important aspects of wine production – harvest and pressing. Although modern pressing has replaced the need to press grapes by hand or foot, grape stomping still holds fascination.
The celebrity grape stomp at the 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show was reminiscent of an ‘I Love Lucy’ episode, with each barefoot team member taking a turn to stomp grapes as teammates cheered.
Team One for this year’s stomp included Robb Hanrahan of CBS 21, Rep. Judy Ward of Blair County, Larry Kasper of Pennsylvania Cable Network, Senator Rob Teplitz of Perry and Dauphin Counties, Farm Show Complex Executive Director Sharon Altland, and ‘Aggie’, the Delaware Valley University mascot. Frank Zaleski of Fero Vineyards in Union County coached the team.
Team Two members included Matt Barcaro of WGAL, Rep Dan Moul of Adams County, Chris Garrett of Fox 43, Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding, Farm Show Complex Assistant Executive Director Heidi Svonavec, and the Penn State Nittany Lion. Jonathan Patrono of Hauser Estate Winery in Adams County served as the team coach.
Each team member was allowed 30 seconds of stomp time, and although each team member stomped hard and steadily, it took several stompers before juice began to drip slowly into the five-gallon jugs below the stage.
When time was called, the juice in each of the jugs was measured and Team One was declared the winner. All participants received a gift basket of Pennsylvania wines from the Pennsylvania Winery Association.
Pennsylvania has a growing and thriving wine industry with more than 200 wineries and 14,000 acres planted in wine grapes. Twelve wine trails throughout the state invite visitors to a variety of wineries to sample and learn more about the state’s unique wines.