Brewing kombucha for the love of it

2018-07-24T13:53:16-05:00Wine and Craft Beverage News Articles|

by Catie Joyce-Bulay
Many people that visit Love’s Kombucha’s stand at the Moscow, Idaho farmers market don’t know what kombucha is. “That’s why it’s so much fun,” said Renee Love, who brews and owns the business with her husband, Emmett. “We have a lot of people that will come up and bring their friends and say ‘My friend is making me try it but I know I don’t like kombucha.’ And we say, ‘Well, you haven’t tried ours yet.’” Many come away with a new appreciation for the fermented probiotic tea. (more…)

German-style Brewery trains bartenders in seven-minute pours, markets with branded glassware

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by Catie Joyce Bulay
Most beer lovers know Denver, CO is one of the country’s top spots for craft beer. The city is ranked third for most breweries in the United States, according to an analysis done by Datafiniti last year. The River North or RiNo, an up-and-coming arts district, is one of the hottest places within the city for craft beverages. So how does a brewery stand out in a sea of great beer? (more…)

Entrepreneurs tap into specialized funding to open brewing company

2018-05-18T09:14:13-05:00Wine and Craft Beverage News Articles|

by Melissa Piper Nelson
When Matt Miller discusses brewing and beer, you want to listen. That’s because he speaks from experience and with a great appreciation of the craft. His favorite subject is brewing sour beers and he is eloquent about their creation from multiple yeasts, the fermentation methods and their special characteristics. (more…)

The greeting before the hello

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by Melissa Piper Nelson
To create a positive presence across media platforms is to understand the importance of the greeting that comes before the actual hello. Potential customers already know a great deal about your operation and your product even before they arrive at your doorstep. With all the introductory information already available, you may wonder why any initial greeting, in this case at your tasting room or event, demands special attention. (more…)

Friends and Allies Brewing in Austin, Texas

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by Laura Rodley
The crew — a dozen strong — at Friends and Allies Brewing has much for which to be grateful. The owners Devon Ponds and Ben Sabin, both Austin, Texas residents, founded the brewery in 2015. Through a lot of hard work, they built a new facility which opened in February 2017. Their tasting room opened up in late April of that year.  (more…)

Award-winning whiskey, wine and beer featured at the 2018 RI Women in Agriculture Conference

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by Kristen M. Castrataro
On March 6, Rhode Island Women in Agriculture held their fifth biennial conference at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI. The conference boasted 36 speakers and panelists including: state senators and representatives; the Director of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management; the Chief of the Division of Agriculture; representatives from USDA APHIS, FSA, NRCS; and the acting director of the Office of External Affairs for the Farm Service Agency, direct from Washington, D.C. (more…)

Finger Lakes Craft Beverage Conference 2018

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by Michael Wren
WATERLOO, NY — Tuesday, March 27 marked the start of the sixth annual Finger Lakes Craft Beverage Conference in Seneca County, NY, put on by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Seneca County. This year the location changed to the Del Lago Resort and Casino in Waterloo. Day one of the two day event included a tradeshow and informative conferences on the industry. (more…)

Farm to Froth: Successful malting grains supply chain panel

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by Tamara Scully
The kickoff session of the inaugural Empire State Barley and Malt Summit included a craft beverage tasting event, featuring beers and distilled spirits made from New York state ingredients, But before attendees could taste the array of New York’s craft beverages, they gathered to listen to a panel presentation focusing on the “Ingredients for Success.” (more…)

Today’s Marketing Objective: Taking the next step

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What employees need to know
As a business owner or manager, you no doubt spend a lot of time working with and training employees. You need employees to be knowledgeable, courteous, efficient and productive. Beyond the basics of job descriptions and daily tasks, three factors are essential to add in the mix — mission, emergency resources and quality customer service.           (more…)

Local farms, regional terroir and experimental barley

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by Catie Joyce-Bulay
“I’ve been making whiskeys for the past 13 years and legal for the past three.” This is how John Bourdon likes to open his tours of Sandstone Distillery. The natural born public speaker then goes into the story of getting a registered letter from the Department of Treasury informing him that they had recently conducted a raid of the store he bought his still from, obtaining all customer records. (more…)