Cheers! Scientists have developed gene-edited barley that could better your beer

2021-11-12T09:07:02-05:00Wine and Craft Beverage News Articles|

Germination in the non-mutated barley was almost complete, while the gene-edited barley did not germinate at all. This shows that the gene-edited barley had been dormant for longer (images taken seven days after imbibition). Photo courtesy of Hiroshi Hisano, Okayama University

After a spell of unexpected rain, before the harvest season, (more…)

Building relationships takes more than beer – it takes you

2021-05-03T15:13:47-05:00Wine and Craft Beverage News Articles|

by Courtney Llewellyn

During his first visit to the Finger Lakes region, Andrew Coplon of Secret Hopper and Craft Beer Professionals had several things stand out in his memory: splendiferous sunsets, savory sandwiches and memorable wine labels. Those notable things are still with him, and he wants to help those with tasting rooms create similar lifelong memories for their customers. (more…)

The people want to know

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The demand for sustainable products and the value of third-party certification is growing

by Courtney Llewellyn

“The conversation has to start with acknowledgment that consumer interest in this has only gotten more intense in the 20 years since ‘Fast Food Nation,’” said Matthew Buck, director of Food Alliance, an organization that certifies agricultural operations, food processors and distributors to promote sustainability in agriculture and the food industry. He presented on the demand for sustainable products and their certification during this year’s CiderCon. (more…)

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